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Changelog v1.10.4

· One min read

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.10.4 der Post & DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.10.4 vom 28.07.2021#

Bug612[Paket] RatesAtCheckout - Preferred Day not show when value is 0
Bug614[Internetmarke] Save authentication token and reuse it
eCS607[eCS Asia] IOSS Implementation
eCS615[eCS Asia] IOSS Only
Internetmarke580[Internetmarke] tracking only for tracked products
Internetmarke605[Internetmarke] check refunding process
Paket598[Paket] Carrier calculated rate - limit to DE->DE
Testing584Split P1 and P3 and put some tests into P9
Testing623Fix develop tests