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Version: 2.1.1

Paket - Override return address

  1. At first click on Apps and open Post & DHL Shipping.
  2. On the right site you can see DHL Accounts and click on DHL Paket.
  3. Please select Return labels on the right menu bar to get to the return settings.

Before you can enable the return, you have to add it to the Participations. We have described this in more detail in the chapter Participations. Otherwise, the return settings will not be displayed.

  1. Override return address, this function generates a return label automatically when you create a label for shipping. This function allows you to change the return location if it does not match the return address or if you have a special return centre. override return address
  2. Click on Inactive to activate.
  3. Now you can select to which location your returns should be sent, these addresses will be taken from Shopify. chose return address

Override return address is only possible with Label with included return label.

  1. Afterwards, please click on Save at the bottom of the page.